Im back in SWEDEN!
On the 27:th of April its time to put the boats in the water! Atlast!
So im playing arround with the Teak-floor and all other things that needs to be done!
Its alot of work, but slowly we make progress..
The result!! Looks good doesnt it?
CHRISTMAS PRESENTS for the sailing this summer!
From Pernilles parents I got this survavor dress. Will help me stay worm during the Baltic crossing.

And here is my new sun hat from my father, keeps the sun away. And breaths great and keep the rain away.!



Hello! Im back in Scandinavia! This time I had time to do some more with FREEDOM. We try to do projects that is vital for our trip down south and we lay our time below water line. It makes the hull safe and smoth! Downbelow you can see pictures of us cuting pipes, for we are replacing them with stainless-steel. In more salted waters we need to be safe, she is old and need a small "make over".

The paint is not good for my lungs or eyes, so I need to be protected. Lucky for me Im used to be wearing a mask all day long. This time I dont need a EPD or PAD to keep track on my RAD dose!


Now we are atlast done with all removal of sea-water pipings!

There are 9 of them! So, here they all lay nicely indoors....

We took epoxy on some areas were it was needed after cutting. Its still nice weather outside: 9+! Tobad I didnt have more time, then we could have fixed the keel.

Here is 2 of all nine that we opend up. And you can easy see were we did the cutting. Whats good about it that we just needed to push them inside and all peaces were gone! It went kid of smoother then we thought!


Winter storage:
I am working as usually and can’t work on my boat as I should. But soon I will be home again. For now, when I’m gone, my father takes care of the boat! And he is a great help and asset, most of my questions can be answered by him.

So, this is what happens in Påskallavik´s harbour right now:


The boat has been up since 30: th of September and now its time to cover her up in tarp. To get it rapt up in tarp we need a good working area during winter. So now my kind father has built a wooden stand.
And here is the results:

25:th of October

After some hard work the boat is now half covered with tarp. It will be good working height for me to be standing under.
The plan is to install some new electronics and also deal with the teak deck. It will not be a major impact on my savings, I will just do a light cleanup and put in some nåt (the black rubber). After the big trip south I will deal with a new deck.

I have always thougt my self as an photo model and I must say that I have made some improvments this time.

Or is it Mel Gibson in Braveheart screeming "FREEEEEEEEEEDOM"?

It took me total 5 hours to do all the graining. I did it slow and was picky with not so smooth spots. So this time I realy think I did some imporvments with the hull and the speed of the boat.

Up to test next year!