November 2008, Sigun arrived to Ringhals (nuklearplant) with empty "flasks". It was time to pick up some old fuel and transport it to OKG in the baltic. In my profession as an Radiation Surveyor, we have to follow the Active-transport to the docks until Sigun has closed the hatch and is on her way to a destination.
She can transport up to 6 flasks and when bulted to the cargobay-floor, the ship can rowl heavly without the cargo will move. The inside walls are 1meter thick and will serve as a sheeld for any radiation beems. The flasks itseelf are very sheelded and have its own cooling system. - Im very impresed how this is handled!
She is 25 years old, and its for sure time to build a new one. Old lady in good shape- for sure!