We will start with the electronic stuff, my personal favorit and I guess for most of sailors out there - think the same about electronics.... The chart table includes with some good gadgeds The NAVTEX: Will give us weather news every 4 hours + All relevant Sea news in Europe. G172c is installed for the navigator to use, the ploter will update him/her every second and help us find in the paper sharts. ICOM VHF in a arms reach, gives us weather news and can listen to other boats. And finaly a normal radio and a old depthsounder. (this info is from year 2008, under is the new list)
YEAR 2009

1. Navtex is a electronic textmessage system that will tell me about weather, warnings and so on, every 4 hours a weather update will show. 2. This plotter is my backup one. Kind of old, but it still works with coulor charts. 3. I bought a DVD player, this one is connected to my TV in the saloon and can play all kind of CD/DVD´s. 4. Red and Yellow lights indicates if the speakers is on outside in the cockpit (outside I have 2 waterproof speakers from Sony). Also there is a lighter-outake here for charching cellphones or laptops. 5. VHF is a must and this is my second one in hte boat. Now this one AND my Navtex is connected with the main plotter outside, so I can send distress signals with GPS-signal. 6. This AIS has cannel A and B, will keep track on bigger ships for me and the ships can also see me! 7. Old sounder, works and is my backup for my new Garmin Sounder. 8. This microphone I can change channels and stretch to the opening for the cockpit. 9. My laptop can get charge from this place, connect to internet through Telia mobile-broadband, do waypoints for future "legs" and hook in to my AIS. A laptop is a must onboard. 10. This the broadband, I will not use this in other countrys, but its a backup if I dont get any internet connection in a long time. 11. My mouse is operating on a very suiteball mousematt- a worldmap made by water-drops!! At the same table that I have all this you can also find: Charts, forehead-lights, flashlights and so on.

The picture on the left side is from the summer 2007, Fredrik in the middle is palying Nintendo Golf and is going to hit with the iron club. Christian is on the left side and Styrbjörn on the right side.

As you can see is the Saloon qutie big, the dinner table has room for 6 people and it doesnt feel crowded.

In the Saloon you will find a great library that includes: Sailing books, history books, travel books, Novels, Bioagrafies and much more. Card games and cardboard games are a fue good ones and will be there for rainy days....

The TV and DVD have its place in the Saloon, with an angle so everyone can see. The DVD collection includes all kinds of movies and there is about 50 of them.

There is alos a bar on the back of the left side on this picture. Gin, Whiskey, Cognac (3 kinds), Jäger and Punch. The "wine celler" is inside the dinner table, there is room for 6 bottles.

In the saloon there is room for 4 people to sleep: One double bed, normal bed and a bunkbed.

Well, this is my small TV in the cockpit. Its connected with a DVD-player and also a Boxer for TV-watching. About 50 movies is in the cabinet. Im planing to watch movies during Atlantic passage when someone else has the watch......... Smile
This picture show you the entrance to the front of the boat. In here there is a double bed that you can make so 2 persons and a child can sleep.



A safe can be important to have, specially in pirate waters. Now we can lock in passport, money and cellphones here.

And a ALARM is installed... It is connected with a fue cell-phones and a GPS transmitter. I feel more safer now. Read more about this one in this chaper: ALARM

Aff is the Captains cabin. Here is a double bed for me and Pernille. Its not crowded, alot of space.

A nice "corner sofa" frame the hole set and makes it even more cosy. If it would be extra people onboard someday, we can always have one sleeping on the sofa (as a last resort, smile).

The Captains cabin have 6 windows + a top window. So the light is plenty and you can see the nice ocean from we stay.

Lots of good areas to store things, and we keep a smal table here to, so we can play games or keep some magazines on.

The boat heats up with a diesel-heating system, and there is outblowes in every cabin. When im mored I consentrate in having just an electrical fan turnd on.

This shot is from the Captains cabin and you see some parts of the kitchen. Its made such so you can be standing in ruff weather and do the cooking. Also the chart table is in this area, in the left side of the picture. The kitchen has a oven and a stove, all uses gas. The water is preasured by pumps and we have hot and cold water.
I made 2 new kutting board, one will hide one side of the sink, and the otherone will cover both sides. A smart hole for the finger to pull the board up is shaped as a heart.

This is how it looks like in the saloon when the bunkbed is up. This net will help who ever is lying on top to not fall down.Behind the ned you can alost see some books from the library. The red in the background/ the wall. Is our diffrent flags, we mainly use them when we celebrate or take of for a bigger trip.

We still have to buy all the diffrent national flags that we need.


And then we have the WC, shower and also the work shop...... Stay tune and I will write more about them later.....

Summer 08 I installed a X-box game with a Philips flatscreenTV in the captains cabin. I spend during rainydays alot back here..... smile. I now have about 15 games and I can say its a favorite place to hang out and watch cartoons with children visiting. And when my brother is showing up with a bag of chips and beer- Well, then we spent a lot of time here.

I understand that with all this electronic I needed more batteries! So, I went and bought some: 5 new GEL batteries. When we did the install I saved the one for the motor-startup. Now im a proud owner of 6 batteries in the boat and I guess I can go with alot of equipment on before the solarpannel needs to be working hard... Read more about my batteries here: BATTERIES
This is how you pack your boat for a long trip! Lucky for me FREEDOM has alot of space to hide all cans and boxes away. Here is one side were pasta and rice is.
All food for a month is ready to down in the boat. But first you always write things down to be sure you will not foret any later.