Welcome to my webpage!

I have been sailing since I was young, and love the oceans! Bought s/y FREEDOM and its her I sail to new adventures. I will on this page give you little information about me, options for you to join an adventure and of course of my future plans on the big oceans.

Let us begin with introducing ume:


My name is Kalle Holmstrøm and I am the Captain on s/y FREEDOM. I bought our boat January 2007 and past owner had it in Stockholm - Djurgården. She is an "Boström 37" and she is build in Sweden. You can read more about this model in an other section..

As a profession I work in different countries as a Radiation Surveyor or Health Physics Surveyor. You can read more about my Profession here: Strålskyddstekniker

My family have been sailing Balad and Albin boats since I was a kid. The ocean is a wonderful place to be and I have always found it to be relaxing. It feels like I belong on the ocean.

Now when I have my own boat I can start planning for some real big adventures and that’s a reason why this page exists... Here you can follow us and get a glimpse of what cool adventures we are on. There will also be a chance for you to join some of hour trips as a "paying crew". - Send us some information about you and with some trip wishes and we will do what we can to fit your part of the trip in our planning. More info you can find under "Contact us".

I hope that you will find your stay here pleasant; I will try to upgrade this site as often as we can, if you have any questions, please send me an email